Help the families affected by the earthquake in Hatay, Turkey ❤️

A devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Turkey on the 6th of February. Officially, the number of victims is over 40,000 and it is expected that this number will increase. Hatay, located in the very south of Turkey near the border with Syria, is at the epicenter and was hit the hardest. 

All buildings in Hatay have collapsed or are nog longer habitable. Basic needs such as water, hygiene and electricity are minimal. While rescuers are still searching for trapped earthquake victims, survivors are becoming more and more desperate. They have been living on the streets in improvised tents between the rubble. 

Basic needs such as water, hygiene, food, electricity and heat are barely available in the affected areas. People have nothing left at all and have to rebuild their lives completely. This is not possible without help. In addition to great initiatives such as Giro555, we hope to contribute with this website.


Su and grandma in Hatay, Turkey
Su en oma in Hatay, Turkije

My name is Freddy van den Bergh and my wife Nilcan is originally from Turkey. Together we have two beautiful children: Su and Kaya. Nilcans family was severely affected by the earthquake in Hatay, Turkey. Her brothers, sisters and mother suddenly became homeless and are now living on the streets, with absolutely nothing left. My wife has lost family and friends, just as many other families in Hatay. 

With different initiatives, we try to get involved with different families in Hatay. For example, my wife, along with several other mothers from my children’s elementary school, set up the “Noothulp” campaign. By selling nuts, an authentic Turkish product, we raised a large amount of money for Giro 555 to help the victims of the earthquakes.

Because it’s getting so close for us on a personal level too, I want to ask you to donate for the families in Hatay. We are doing everything we can to get my wife’s family out of the affected area, but it takes money to do so. Once they have a roof over their heads again in another part of Turkey, it is expected that they will soon be able to find work there and support their families again.

Each family that can stand on their own feet again can then support other families in Turkey to rebuild their lives.

We hope for your support ❤️